A message from Stuart Wheeler

We fought a hard campaign and did well against strong national trends. In my speech at the end of polling I made clear that I stood by my view of Mr Barker. I know from my many discussions with constituents that they remain troubled , to say the least, by his behaviour and voted for the party rather than the person.

I also note that if the Conservatives nationally had accepted the deal offered to them by Ukip they would already probably have an overall majority. All they had to do was to promise a referendum on the European Union which polls had already made clear the country wanted.

It would have been an enormous pleasure to have represented the people of Bexhill and Battle.

Greg Barker admits Stuart Wheeler was right!

Greg Barker has today confessed that Stuart Wheeler has been telling the truth while he hasn't.

In a shocking move today, Greg Barker now claims to have offered £10,000 to a local charity in lieu of the capital gains tax he avoided on the luxury London flat your taxes paid for, and on which he made a personal profit of £320,000 when he sold his Belgravia apartment.

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Stuart Wheeler talking to Jeff Randall

Now’s the time for real change!

Stuart has been vigorously campaigning throughout the constituency, and is still overwhelmed by the sheer volume of responses to his original postal survey. At the moment he’s trying to make sure that he visits every single village in this especially beautiful constituency. Most recently he’s enjoyed visiting Nottingham, and hearing the overwhelmingly supportive reaction of Notts Roofers and Notts Conversion Specialists to his message. Bexhill and Battle deserves better than Greg Barker, and is loudly telling us just that!

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Trust in Scotland

All round Perth and North Perthshire, a very positive response has been offered to Trust's message. Voters are determined to say to politicians from all the old parties, 'enough is enough: it's time for something different'. Douglas is amazed by how much enthusiastic support he's getting this time round from Local Cleaners in Nottingham. For an exclusive peek at his forthcoming newspaper advertisement, please click here.

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Stuart Wheeler canvasses in Bexhill and Battle

What You Think

Stuart Wheeler and an enthusiastic team of volunteers have been campaigning throughout Bexhill and Battle. The team have been very impressed by how many surveys have been returned, and Stuart intends to respond individually to every single one. This will take time, but he’s extremely grateful to the voters for taking the time to complete the Notts tree removal service survey. If you haven’t received a copy of the survey and would like one, please email us and we’ll send one straight away, or ring or write to us.

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Douglas Taylor in Perth and North Perthshire

Douglas has used the most popular local newspaper to advertise his concerns about the behaviour of Pete Wishart. He has set out the very rapid increase in Pete Wishart’s expenses, as well as their extremely high level, and he detailed Mr Wishart’s very hostile reaction to efforts to put an end to this scandal. As an MP, Peter Wishart voted for procedural devices to stop it reforms being made. But Douglas has also been very keen on stump removals in Sheffield as his goal is to put the people of Perth and North Perthshire first, and not the interests of any one political party or its leader.

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