How to Start Cement Grill Manufacturing Business For Beginners

In this article I am going to teach you How to Start “Cement Grill Manufacturing Business” For Beginners.
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If we talk about Cement Grill, then at present they have made their important role and important place in construction. It is meant to say that at present cement grills are playing an important role in building construction. If we talk about these grills, then their thickness is 2.5cm. and they are constructed from cement and on these panels there are holes in the middle for the movement of air and light. Cement Grill can be used as partition panels in walls and ventilators in the construction of houses and buildings.

Since these grills have holes in the middle for light and ventilation, they are used as an alternative to windows and skylights in the construction of homes and buildings. By using these grills, there is movement of light and air in the rooms but it prevents the rain from coming in.

This type of grill is also not prone to thieves and animals. Cement Grill is made in various designs and shapes as per the choice of the customers. And the advantage of using them to the customers is that they get these grills cheaper than the mesh made of wood or steel. Therefore, the use of cement grills is gradually increasing in the construction of houses and buildings. Therefore, this business can also be a profitable business in terms of earnings.

What is Cement Grill Manufacturing Business

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Cement Grill can also be called a Lattice made of cement, which can be used in place of window or skylight, so that the movement of light and air in houses and buildings is maintained. They are made of cement, so their thickness is at least 2.5cm. That’s what happens. And being made of cement, they are very strong, so even thieves and animals cannot harm it. Today, when health problems have become too much, people are advised by health experts to stay in well-ventilated and well-lit rooms.

And the customers find the cement mesh much cheaper than the wooden and steel mesh, this is the reason that their use is gradually increasing in the construction of houses and buildings. Keeping all these requirements in mind, when this work is done by a person commercially, then this work done by him is called Cement Grill Manufacturing Business.

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Sales Potential of Cement Grill

As we have already mentioned that the use of Cement Grill is associated with the construction of houses and buildings, so as the building construction activity is increasing in the country, the use of Cement Grill has also seen a boom. Compared to wood, steel and other nets available in the market, due to their being cheap, strong and available in various sizes and shapes, they are being liked by the customers.

This is the reason that there are some states of India where their production is much less than the demand, one of these states is Bihar, where the consumption of Cement Grill is about one crore square feet in a year, whereas the state has to fulfill this demand. There are only 50-60 units operating in the state which are unable to meet such a huge demand.

For this reason, the demand-supply gap in this state is bridged by transporting cement grills produced by other neighboring states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Jharkhand. Therefore, keeping in mind the local demand, opportunities exist to start this type of business at cottage and small scale.

How to Start Cement Grill Manufacturing Business

By the way, no heavy machinery is required for Cement Grill Manufacturing. And since only cement, sand etc. are used as the main raw material in their manufacture, the availability of raw material can also be easily everywhere.

But since the entrepreneur needs to operate this business in the initial phase keeping in mind the local demand. Therefore, there will be a need for the entrepreneur to do research at the local level. So let us know how an interested person can start his own cement grill manufacturing business.

1. Do Local Research

Cottage and small units of Cement Grill can be established keeping in mind the local demand. That is because in the initial phase, the entrepreneur does not have the budget to transport the product far and wide and is unable to represent the competitive price as well. Therefore, it is better for the entrepreneur before starting this type of business, he should assess its demand at the local level as far as he is planning to sell his product.

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Find out how much the people living there like cement nets in the construction of their buildings and houses. To get this information, the entrepreneur can take this information from the contractor, property dealer or any employee or officer working in other local real estate company working in that area. Apart from this, also make sure to assess the competition related to this area available in that particular area.

2. Manage Space

If we talk about the space to start the Cement Grill Manufacturing Business, then for this the entrepreneur may need 800-1200 square feet of space. Because it requires inventory space to set up the unit, space to set up workshop, space for manufacturing process, power supply utilities and generator setup.

Apart from this, a small office is also required by the entrepreneur to set up so the requirement of space for all these is estimated at 800-1200 square feet. If the entrepreneur wants, he can take any ready-made building on rent provided there is a good arrangement of electricity, water, road etc.

3. Get Licensed and Registered

However, whether any kind of license is required for the business of making Cement Grill or not, it cannot be confirmed. But it is certain that cement grills are used in the construction of buildings and houses, so there should be no compromise on their quality. For this it may be possible that the BIS specifications are set by the government, so it is very important for the entrepreneur to manufacture them according to the same standards.

By the way, if the entrepreneur wants, he can start this business by registering his business under proprietorship and taking tax registration and trade license from the local authority. And to take advantage of government schemes, one can also register his business in Udyog Aadhaar and MSME Data Bank.

4. Buy Machinery Equipment & Raw Materials

As we have already told that no heavy or very expensive machine is required for manufacturing Cement Grill. But to do this work, not one but many machinery and equipment may be required, whose list is as follows.

  • Various iron molds or frames
  • Wooden Frames
  • Hand Operated Concrete Mixer
  • Vibrator With Motor and Starter
  • Curing Tank
  • Pollution Control Equipment
  • Other tools and equipment

Before buying machinery and equipment, the entrepreneur should find out their market prices and after that, after asking for quotations from different suppliers, they should choose a machinery supplier after doing their comparative assessment.

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Entrepreneur can follow the same procedure for the purchase of raw materials. Following is the list of the major raw materials used in Cement Grill Manufacturing.

  • Portland Cement
  • Gravel/Sand
  • Mild steel Rod and Wire
  • other material

5. Hire Required Staff

Manufacture of Cement Grill by means of above mentioned machinery and equipment may require skilled and skilled machine operator. And it may also require experienced engineers to produce the cement mesh as per the standards. Apart from these, the entrepreneur also needs to appoint some support staff who will do the work of transporting the material from one work station to another.

Office staff will also be required for documentation etc. In a cement grill manufacturing unit, the entrepreneur may need to employ a total of 7-8 employees consisting of 1 supervisor, 1 plant operator, 1 unskilled worker, 1 helper and 1 security guard etc.

6. Begin Building the Cement Grill

If we talk about Cement Grill Manufacturing, till now no advanced technology is adopted for their production. Yes, but technology has evolved for their design and giving them various shapes, since they are used as ventilation and partition panels in multi-storey buildings, so it is very important to be of high quality. By the way, from the technical point of view, the process of making a cement grill is very simple, that too because no heavy machine is used in its construction.

Its manufacture requires a hand operated concrete mixer and various molds or molds made of iron or wood. The molds are lubricated with kerosene so that cement etc. do not stick to them and thus they are prepared for moulding.

After that, in the Cement Grill Manufacturing Process, cement and sand in the ratio of 1: 3 is poured into the concrete mixer and its mixture with water is prepared. And in this process the molds are filled with this mixture, but before filling this mixture, a mild steel rod or rod is fitted in the mold at a suitable depth so that the cement grill can be strengthened.

The excess mixture over the mold is removed and the surface is smoothed with the help of a trowel. After that this process of making Cement Grill may require the mixer to be kept for about twenty four hours and then they are removed from the moulds. After that they may need to be immersed in water for 14-15 days to make them stronger.

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