Goat Farming: How to Start Profitable Goat Farming Business For Beginners

Goat farming
Talking about goat farming i.e. Goat Farming, since time immemorial mankind has been rearing goats for social and economic purposes. It is meant to say that among the animals that are reared for their earnings, goat is also an animal. According to a figure, the number of goats in India is 25.6% of the total number of animals. Which means that more and more people are associated with goat farming or goat farming business in India.

Despite all this, there are always opportunities for new entrepreneurs in this business. Because the demand of goats for meat, milk, skin and hair (fiber) remains the same throughout the year. Even in the hilly areas, goats are used for carrying light goods. Apart from this, a solution to the problem of unemployment can be found through Goat Farming Business in rural areas. Goat rearing has more economic benefits than any other business related to agriculture. Apart from this, goat rearing i.e. Goat Farming also has special importance in the form of auxiliary income.

At present goat farming is a very profitable business economically. There is a lot of profit from the capital invested in it. Raising some goats can increase the income of a family, similarly profitable business is also possible by preparing goat farming on a large scale.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to start your own goat farming business anywhere you are. You won’t believe how easy it is to start goat rearing business in your very own area.

Goat rearing
So today we will try to know about the advantages of this Goat farming business and the process of starting through this article of ours.

Benefits of Goat Farming

There are many benefits of goat farming, some of which are listed below.

  • Goat farming requires less cost and less space. This business is dependent on fixed income. There is also less chance of loss.
  • Since goats are small in size and calm in nature, female members of the household can also follow them. Due to this, the labor of the family is also fully utilized.
  • The disease of goats is also relatively less if proper precautions are taken. Be it the weaker section or the landless, goat rearing is their main source of livelihood. This is the reason why goat is also called ‘poor’s cow’.
  • Goats can also be taken to open pastures for grazing, which makes their rearing costs very less. The meaning of saying is that in the cost of raising a cow or buffalo, four or five goats will be raised in that expenditure, so it can be started by every person who does not have much money to do business.
  • In fact, goats are mostly reared for meat only. They are in great demand in India. There is a lot of demand and price of goat meat in the market. Its meat is tasty and nutritious to eat. According to one figure, goat meat accounts for one-third of the total meat produced in India.
  • Goat is also reared for the production of milk. In India, goats of Jamunapari, Barbari and Beetle breeds are famous for milk production. Goat accounts for 3% of the total milk production in India.
  • Goat’s milk is easily digested, it can be given to sick and infants also. Sometimes babies are allergic to cow’s milk. But the incidence of allergy to goat’s milk is very less.
  • Goat leather is used as a raw material in the leather industry. Many things are made from it. Such as shoes, gloves, jackets, fancy bags etc. Our country India gets economic benefits by exporting its leather. The leather of the ‘Black Bengal’ (Black Bengal) breed of West Bengal is world famous.
  • Different breeds of goats have different types of fibers. Ropes, blankets etc. are prepared from the fiber of ordinary goats. Moher obtained from Angora goats and Pashmina wool obtained from Chagu and Chagande breeds are used to prepare high quality and valuable woolen clothes, these garments are also exported abroad.
  • Goat feces and urine produced from goat rearing can be used as manure. The nitrogen, potash and phosphorus available in it maintain soil fertility.
  • Due to the small size of the goats, it takes less space to prepare their cattle shed. And the cost is also less.
  • The immunity of goats is many times higher than that of other animals. Therefore, they are less prone to diseases and the mortality rate is low.
  • There is no problem in managing their diet. Because there is no need to spend much on their food when they are reared with extended system i.e. with other animals. Generally, these grasses, vine-leaves, cows and buffaloes eat small grasses, shrubs, peels or scraps of vegetables and fruits, etc. left after grazing. Therefore, in order to ensure income (income) in the goat industry, it becomes necessary to pay special attention to various aspects like feeding scientific food in goat rearing, adopting the system of disease resistance.
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How to Start Profitable Goat Farming Business

Although starting a goat farming business is considered a very easy task by the people because even today small farmers in rural areas do goat rearing along with other animals. So whenever it comes to starting this type of business, people generally want to know only two to three things that which breed they should choose? And How much will it cost? And where will they get this breed? By the way, if the entrepreneur wants, he can start it by taking training from the Goat Research Institute.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to answer the first question which is related to the choice of breed, but it will be difficult to tell where and for how much they will get this type of breed because the price of goats can be different in different regions. So let us know what steps an entrepreneur who wants to get more profit from Goat Farming Business may have to take to start his business.

1. Make Proper Business Plan for Goat Farming Business

Creating an effective business plan becomes very important before starting any business. Because it is such a document related to starting the business, in which the entire business plan is made, even this plan is made keeping in mind the coming two, three, five years, how much progress of the entrepreneur’s business in the coming years>

Apart from this, the project report is also contained in this document, which provides the details of the estimated cost and estimated earnings to the entrepreneur in his business, so that the entrepreneur is able to arrange the finances to be spent on his goat farming business.

While making the Goat Farming Business Plan, the entrepreneur also has to keep in mind that by adopting which method he wants to follow the Extensive System, Intensive System, Semi Intensive System or Tethering. Because the cost of construction of the farm will be affected due to which the plan of goat rearing will also be affected.

2. Build Housing for Goats

However, it is not necessary that the housing made for goats should be modern to start Goat Farming Business. Rather, their habitat can be easily made using dry grass, wire, tin, wood, bricks etc. Yes, but one thing must be kept in mind while making their house that the house should be such that the roof does not leak because it is very important to keep their house dry and clean to keep the goats healthy. An adult goat may require about 10 square feet.

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Therefore, a room should be constructed in about 600 square feet where about 60 goats can come comfortably. In addition, a separate room for lambs is required. One lamb may require about 4 square feet of space. However, if goats are being reared under the Extensive System i.e. in which goats are left to graze in the open for 8-9 hours, then separate open space is not required in it but it is required in Intensive System.

3. Selection of Goat Breeds for Goat Farming

Before choosing a breed for goat farming, the entrepreneur should know his location and purpose i.e. whether he wants to raise goat for meat production, wants to raise goat for milk production or wants to raise goat for production of both. Will have to decide. Because according to the climate, different species are found in different regions.

By the way, if the entrepreneur wants to rear goat for meat production, kindly go through the list below.

5 Best Goat Breeds For Meat Production

1. Boer
photo of Boer goat
Photo of Boer Goat Breed

Boer is the best goat breed for meat. Boer goats were first developed in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. The indigenous goats of Africa were crossed with imported Nubian and Indian goats to produce Boer.

2. The Kalahari Red
photo of The Kalahari Red
Photo of The Kalahari Red Goat Breed

The source of Kalahari Red goats is traced back to two lines, namely a line of red-headed Boer goat and another of the local unimproved goats of South Africa. The breeder of Kalahari goat claim this breed to be tougher and more robust than Boer goats.

3. The Spanish Goats
Photo of Spanish Goat
Photo of Spanish or Brush Goat Breed

The Spanish meat goat also known as the “Brush” goat as they were widely used for brush control. Originating from Spain, these goats are now found in all parts of the world.

Spanish goats include six breeds; Murciana-Granadina, Palmera, Malagliena, Majorejera, Tinerfena, and Guadarrama. This breed was the most sought after meat goat breed before the Boers, although they are still in demand among breeders worldwide to improve meat production and fertility.

4. Kiko
Kiko goat breed
Photo of Kiko Goat Breed

The Kiko is a New Zealand breed. They have a large body and make excellent mothers. The kids are fast-growing and equally adaptive. While the goats may have lower body weight compared to Boer or the Kalahari, they produce a great amount of meat.

5. Angora
photo of angora goat breed
Photo of Angora Goat Breed

The Angora goats are primarily raised for fibre, but they undoubtedly produce good quality meat and milk. Most meat markets do not consider Angora goats to be suitable for meat production because of the skinning that is necessary to get meat from these goats. The skin comprises 10-15 per cent of the carcass weight and prices paid for goat meat is the weight per kilogram, which means a substantial loss for the producer.

If the entrepreneur Want to rear goat for milk Production,Then he should check out the best Goat Breeds for milk production.

5 Best Goat Breeds For Milk Production

1. Saanen
photo of saanen goat breed
Photo of Saanen Goat Breed

The Saanen is a Swiss goat breed that is known for its milk production, as well as its size. The goat can weigh as much as 200 pounds, and the breed is considered friendly and can be kept as a pet while their meat and milk production make them ideal as a dairy goat breed.

2. Nigerian Dwarf
photo of nigerian dwarf goat breed
Photo of Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breed

With the Saanen, we had a large 200-pound breed, and with the Nigerian Dwarf, we have gone from one extreme to the other. This Dwarf breed weighs in at around 50 pounds. While it may only produce a good half a gallon a day, the Nigerian Dwarf offers milk with a very high butterfat content, and its size means that you can keep more of them. They are also friendly and get on great with children.

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3. Alpine
photo of alphine goat breed
Photo of Alphine Goat Breed

The Alpine is a large breed, roughly the same stature as that of the Saanen. Developed in the Alps, these goats are hardy and do well in cold climates. They are gentle and they will produce milk almost all year round.

4. Anglo-Nubian
photo of anglo Nubian goat breed
Photo of Anglo Nubian Goat Breed

The Anglo-Nubian, or Nubian, is a distinctive looking goat with a curved nose and floppy ears. It offers approximately 1 gallon of milk a day, and it has been described as being rich and sweet. The goats are medium to large, have a lot of energy, and can be very loud. Their temperament means they might not be suitable for hobby breeders or first-time owners.

5. LaMancha
photo of LaMancha goat breed
Photo of LaMancha Goat Breed

The LaMancha breed was developed in the USA in the 1930s. The goat is around medium size, with bucks reaching 125 pounds and does tipping the scales at slightly less than this. The elf eared variant of the LaMancha produces milk with a very high fat content indeed.

I believe you can now boldly specify the various type of goat breed you need to buy for different production types.

4. Vaccinate Goats

Keep in mind that for the success of goat farming i.e. Goat Farming Business and to earn more profit from this business, it is very important for goats to be disease free. Therefore, it becomes very important to regularly feed and vaccinate goats with anthelmintic drugs. In order to protect his goats from a particular state or region where goats have worm infestation, that entrepreneur should give anthelmintic medicine to the goats before the beginning of the rainy season and after the end of the rainy season.

Keep in mind that giving less medicine, its effect may be negligible and if given more medicine, it can take a toxic form, so it should be given to goats according to the advice of a veterinarian. Apart from this, goats also need to be vaccinated regularly to protect them from diseases, but not all types of vaccines are given to a goat. Rather, goats can be vaccinated against the disease in which the disease is more dominant.

5. Insure your Goat Farming Business

People associated with goat farming business often make the mistake that they do not insure their goats, due to which they have to bear heavy losses later. The market price of different breeds of goats is different, so the sum insured may also vary depending on their breed. On this basis, the premium amount to be paid for the insurance can also be different. Rebate in premium can also be obtained by insuring more goats simultaneously under a government scheme.

6. Take Good Care of Goats

It is very important to take proper care of goats in order to earn suitable income from goat farming business. To protect goats from diseases, keep their habitat clean and dry at all times.

Apart from this, if a goat is sick, keep it separate from other goats and get it properly treated with the help of a local veterinarian. The purpose of saying this, is that the more proper care is taken by the entrepreneur for the goats growing in his goat farm, their productivity will increase as much as the income of the entrepreneur will increase.

Conclusion: I believe at the end of this article, you now have the knowledge about how to start goat farming or rearing business, types of goat breed, how to make profitable income from your goat farming business and so on.

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